The Halloween Programme

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30 Oct

The Halloween Programme

Popeye Vs. The Monsters

For all those who are planning to visit but do not know what time to be here – here is our Halloween Programme:

10.00: Once Upon a Time 

10.30: Take 2 - Become a Movie Star OR 

10.30: Haunted Walkthrough 
12.00: Trick or Treat in 6 different locations 
13.30: Halloween Dance-Off 
14.00: Take 2 – Become a Movie Star OR 
14.00: Haunted Walkthrough 
15.30: Trick or Treat 
17.00: Halloween Dance-Off 
17.30: Closing

Other activities and places of interest include:  
Free Silver Filigree Demonstrations

Free small glass of our home made punch wine

Family Games Area

Our Newly refurbished Cinema showing the Documentary of the Film set

Popeye Cartoon Museum

Popeye Movie Info Room
Seafarers Bar and Restaurant

Mini Golf

Crafts Area  

Wow…. So much to enjoy!!!