Mr. Wimpy will be so proud!!!

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10 Jul

Mr. Wimpy will be so proud!!!

After months of deliberating, weeks of planning and days of tasting (no one complained) … Today we have officially launched our 2017 Home-Made Burger Menu down at our Sea Farers restaurant at Popeye Village.


The menu includes mouth-watering pure beef burgers, luscious salmon fillet burgers, succulent pulled pork burgers as well as lamb burgers, chicken breast in a bun and the best veggie burger on the island.


To top these, one can choose from a variety of toppings including our chef’s favourite that includes; cheddar cheese, Chili con carne, Nachos

and Guacamole and Sour Cream dressing and Popeye’s favourite (OF COURSE) … including Spinach leaves, Parmesan shavings, Parma

Ham and Ceasar dressing!! Besides a number of other surprising toppings for you.


Make sure you try one of these Special burgers… Mr Wimpy has tried them all already…. And it’s only the first day!!!