Language Schools

Student Package 1

Allow your students to be part of a cast and become movie stars for one day by staring in an actual movie. From plotting the scenes, to rehearsals, to costume-picking and the actual filming, the students will have a blast and taste the life of their Hollywood idols. At the end of their stay, they will visit our cinema to experience the Premier of their very own movie. A copy of the movie will be given to the leader. Extra copies can be purchased at a special discounted price.

However, the fun is not over yet. Later in the day, the students will be divided into groups for an exhilarating treasure hunt. Clues and hints will be left all over the village and with the help of Popeye and his friends the wisest and quickest team will ultimately win the hunt. This game needs will-power and good communications between all team members. It is the ideal exercise for team-building – to bring all team members together.


Student Package 2

Grant the opportunity to all of your pupils to rest after a long and exhaustive day of classes by visiting Popeye Village and relax during one of our jamming chill-out sessions. The students will laze around under the warm Maltese sun; get a dip in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea whilst enjoying the most recent chill-out tracks of this generation. Each visitor can bask and enjoy the warm summer afternoon on a deck-chair beneath an umbrella exactly on the water’s edge on one of our platforms whilst enjoying the free non-alcoholic cocktail provided by our Seafarers snack bar. This will quench their thirst whilst mellowing away to great tunes and a greater atmosphere.


Student Package 3

If the students are looking for a more exciting afternoon to share with their friends and partake in a small competition, then our Pirate’s Cove, at the heart of Bugibba, will give them the opportunity to show off their frisky swing during the 09-hole tournament at our very own mini-golf terrace just off the Maltese water’s edge. Allow them to enjoy this golf session whilst trying to find the next European Tiger Woods.  

Packages during the summer season can be enjoyed by all between 3 pm and 6 pm daily. The same packages in the off-peak season can be conducted for the duration of 3 hours at any time between 10 am and 4 pm.

If any of our guests build up an appetite during their visit, a food package including a delicious burger or hot dog and chips together with a cold beverage can be organised.(cannot be prganised in high season)

Other packages can be tailor-made according to the clients’ request.

We look forward for your visit.